1. Off to slay the Golgothans.

  2. Are they making a sexy, Latin version of The Adams Family (La Familia de Adams I assume)?

  3. heroinstripper

    is that david copperfield?

  4. She’s still perfection. I hope that asshole she’s married to is fucking her at every opportunity. Anything less and I consider him a failure.

  5. Is it my imagination, or is Salma’s head getting bigger every year while her body is getting smaller? Or is she a method actress and getting ready to play Mrs. Potato Head in a live-action version of Toy Story?

  6. SupaDupa

    Well at least her boobs don’t look any older..

  7. her boobs’ “portrait in the attic” is her face.

  8. Skeeter

    She is now 46 years old but I would still love to eat and bang her asshole, not to mention motorboat those gorgeous tits.

  9. “I am now part of what you Americans call the “Goff” culture.”

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