1. tlmck

    There went the rest of my lunch.

  2. fap

    In this pic: old man desperately trying to get a hardon; young female hoping it doesn’t happen and thinking about shopping.

  3. broduhjenner

    I think she’s trying to give him mouth to mouth.

  4. “The sea was angry that day. Angry like a young woman realising that her only option in life was whoring herself out to an old, doughy, bald man”

  5. She’ll toss his salad and he’ll scramble her eggs.

  6. Truk

    ..tastes like… money.

  7. Looks like someone is gonna earn that upsized Happy Meal.

  8. Agnes Morehead

    mah bucket!!!!!!

  9. That Alicia Silverstone will feed anybody.

  10. cc

    They let you kiss walruses at SeaWorld now.

  11. Tryouts for a new “Girls Next Door” series?

  12. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I wonder what Frasier Crane would say about that…

  13. Hugh Jazz

    Miracle On 34th Street: XXX

  14. Look at the size of that mother fucker’s head!

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