1. tlmck

    Well I “was” trying to eat a late lunch.

  2. Prelude to pregnancy #2.

  3. He really likes his snowballs.

  4. And that kids is how a disease is sexually transmitted.

  5. Well, my erection is now gone.

  6. Is this from the demotivational tape, “How to go from dating Kanye West to Wiz Kahlifa in one short birth”?

  7. Rico Jones

    Two fuckin skanks.

  8. Thanks for following a Salma Hayek pic with this shit, Fish. Why do you hate us?

  9. Ahhhh, young love… So sweet, so innocent.

  10. Just ask her what she had for lunch. Don’t try to lick the leftover food particles from her mouth.

  11. Schadenfreude

    Amber Rose is taking a Wiz inherent mouth!

  12. do either of these pukes have an income? y’know a JOB of any sort? cuz nobody can convince me they have a Wiz CD? or whatever he allegedly does.

  13. Pine Table Fever

    Won’t someone think of the children!?
    No, seriously. Whenever I see these two clowns out I wonder who is looking after their kid or if they even bother at all.

  14. There are some things you just don’t want to see. This would be one of them.

  15. This is really fucking unpleasant. And I’m not really sure which one of them is getting the shitty end of the stick.

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