1. tlmck

    “For the last time Leelee, that is the wrong color hair for a Robert Palmer video.”

  2. Odbarc

    She’s staring at me like deer at headlights. I’m also a deer staring at her headlights.

  3. Wear your hair down and cover those ears.

  4. heroinstripper

    fuck me. Dumbo’s kinda cute!

  5. Never wear your hair up, Leelee. You have a square jaw and big ears. And btw, what happened to your tits? 10 years ago they were huge.

  6. CptCreep

    Right there… right there she looked into my soul and knew my fear…

  7. she looks like the really skinny version of jennifer lawrence

  8. I’m scared to type anything. She can hear my thoughts.

  9. Those Real Dolls™ get more lifelike every day.

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