1. BP

    Would Love To……Rip That Sheet Off!

  2. It’s as if someone took a magical cloth and wiped all of the Ashton Kutcher douchiness off Mila Kunis and cleaned her up…

  3. That’s one fucking sexy woman.

  4. this woman is red-hot. and she always gets more naked than she has to for any photo shoot (example-the SI shoots, etc.). good sign.

  5. Matt

    Sweet Jesus… also, I just came. Not my record, but pretty close.

  6. anonymous

    Don’t get the hype on her. Body is hot but there are times when her face looks busted in pics.

  7. Kevin W

    Simply cannot do better. There might be different that you personally like more and her twitter persona seems a bit desperate at times but this is as close to 10/10 as we’ll ever get as mortals.

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