1. Wally's Beaver

    I am probably in the minority here but I wouldn’t mind her doing a spread.

  2. Mimi

    Git in ma pusssaayy!!!

  3. schadenfreude

    My papa said this here’s how’s babies made.

  4. dennis

    Hell I can smell that from here….

  5. Ronaldo

    its boring now.

  6. I fucking love it.

  7. Bunga-bunga time!

  8. Toss her some ping pong balls and see what happens.

  9. Short Round

    Who the hell goes to her concerts?! It might be a good way to determine whom we should remove from the gene pool.

  10. Slappy Magoo

    It’s now reached the point where if Miley isn’t trying to get us to peer down her barely legal chasm of doom, I assume she’s sick with food poisoning or something

  11. “Yeah, hello CDC? I’d like to report a disturbance.”

  12. j/k

    That outfit has to be the worst smelling thing on earth right now.

  13. Vlad

    WARNING: Looking directly into Miley’s vagina will cause your browser to redirect you from to a page to sign up to play Game of Thrones online MMoRPG

  14. A vast and terrifying cunt, open to the world forever.

  15. From now on accompanying every Miley Cyrus concert photo I want a photo of the crowd. Who the fuck is going to these concerts?


  17. omg hannah montana is soo hardcore.

  18. I’m flipping a coin between this and the gay pride parade package.

  19. Good Lord, she’s still doing this same old shit?

  20. I am amazed…she hasn’t been thrown out of Italy yet.

  21. “The chili wasn’t vegetarian! Run, y’all!!”

  22. Which one is she singing out of?

  23. anonym

    my dick is confused. it’s trying to go up and back down at the same time.

  24. PassingTrue

    Frankly, I think putting the “take a number” dispenser next to her would just ruin the subtlety.

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