1. Mimi

    I’m just Jenny from The Sharper Image

  2. schadenfreude

    Jenny from the Block of Wax

  3. schadenfreude

    She’s never looked more lifelike!

  4. I blame her for Kim Kardashian.

  5. This sculpture is so well done it berated 3 service industry workers the first day it was on display.

  6. They had to melt down a couple of cases of candles to make the modifications.

  7. Is it still considered déclassé to quietly hump a mannequin?

  8. Mr Myaogi

    The creator is just another student who couldn’t wax-on, wax-off properly.

  9. We’ve secretly replaced the Jennifer Lopez that usually performs for crooks and dictators with this wax replica. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!”

  10. If this lifeless figure was around fifteen years ago Ben Affleck would be fucking it.

  11. Looks more like Peg Bundy. With a designer diaper.

  12. anonymous

    Why did they pose the wax figure like that? Even the big-assed wax figure of Kim K isn’t sticking it’s ass out.

    And if they were going to replicate anything, why not the Versace Grammy dress?

  13. They’ve almost perfected the look of entitled bitchiness, but there’s still a little too much human warmth in the eyes.

  14. anonym

    they nailed the nose

  15. Where can I buy one?

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