1. schadenfreude

    Kitt – Take me to Burger King!

  2. “Michael, please quit shitting on my head.”

  3. Jim

    Jesus, he looks like crap.
    He should hook-up with Lindsay and the booth of them should just go away.

  4. …and when he woke up, the crowd roared it’s approval as The Hoff threw up all over the hood of the car.”

  5. Short Round

    David was confused when told the Gumball Rally wasn’t a Cajun eating contest. He had to ask: So, it’s Creole then?

  6. “Come on, KITT, let’s haul ass!”

  7. Vlad

    KITT, activate hamburger ejector

  8. So when you’re rich, you get to scoot your ass on sports cars?


    now wherez the toilet paper?

  10. “How in the fuck did I get up here? I’ll never drink Harvey Wallbangers again.”

  11. If KITT could drive in real life and had consciousness , he would hit turbo boost or super pursuit mode and drive into a wall or off a cliff killing both himself and Hasselhoff and thus saving what’s left of his dignity.

  12. ohyeah

    “KITT, another vodka!”

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