1. Cock Dr

    It’s a pride parade. Strange things will be seen but it won’t hurt ya.

  2. “I’m a little bit Nazi…”
    “And I’m a little bit homo in gold…”

  3. I did not need to see that.

  4. jim

    WTF is all that?
    Pride in being a weirdo?

  5. Marketing Mike

    I want to nail the latex dancer in the upper-left corner,
    with great TITS! You can have the Nazi with the black
    microphone, and a Natalie Dormer side-hair shave.

  6. The dude in the front wearing the gold latex appears to be very prideful indeed.

  7. Vlad

    WARNING: Demi Lovato’s singing may cause spontaneous untucking.

  8. Background Black Guy doesn’t even need his eyes to say it all anymore.

  9. I’d love to stick my penis in Demi’s mouth for a while.

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