1. “Kiss me, Barbie Jesus!”

  2. “Oh, my gosh, how do you get your hair so soft?”
    “I wash it.”

  3. Little Tongue

    “You are so pretty!”
    “You’re prettier.”
    “No, you are.”
    “No! You are!”

  4. “No, Paz, I don’t think you look tired, incoherent, sweaty, drugged up, close to death, sunburned or unhealthy”, said no one ever.

  5. Short Round

    - Wow, are you Jesus?
    - No.
    - Are you my guardian angel?
    - No. I’m your future white blonde self if you don’t stop abusing drugs.
    - Are you sure you’re not Jesus?

  6. Hopalong

    Why is she always a sweaty mess?
    I’m glistening just looking at her.

  7. “Didya c-climb outtada shcreen ta kill me?”
    “Come on Paz, that’s – I’m not even like, wet.”
    “Ooooooh, wamme ta make you?”

  8. “Thank you so much for breaking me out of that place. I’ve been lost in there for three months.”

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