1. Oh yeah (sorry kid)

  2. Mimi


  3. “Mommy, the scary man with the flashy thing yelled at me for getting in the way of your fart box!”

  4. Get used to it, kid. People are gonna want to fuck your mom. Don’t be a little cock-blocker.

  5. jim

    “As long as you’re with mommy I’ll never have to work again…at least till you turn 18″

  6. Sloppy Redneck

    I would enjoy sucking the discharge out of her tampon like a popsicle .

  7. droog

    Tell me the truth, ‘Fish. She doesn’t have a face anymore, does she?

  8. Poor kid. Creepy paparazzi stalk his mother for no good reason so a bunch of middle-aged perverts can have their ten thousandth view of her ass in jeans. I’d cry, too.

  9. Hopalong

    I think she’s got it going on but why in all the picture of her hotness is she wearing acid washed 80′s jeans? Is there some sort of time warp effect going on? Are the 80′s retro now? I’m breaking out my Chess King wardrobe if it is.

  10. “Wah, why do all you guys keep trying to fuck my mommy?”

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