1. holymoly

    and that’s when the doctor said, “no, that doesn’t look normal at all. I’ve never seen armpit hair do that”.

  2. It had to be said

    And here’s where my mom got me the temporary tattoo I’ve been asking her to get me all summer . . .

  3. Sorry, twinkle toes, the tat doesn’t give you street cred.

  4. Deryn

    “It says, ‘Left foot forward cha cha cha, right foot back cha cha cha” in ancient Sumerian.”

  5. Mandi

    Be mine forever.

  6. Abby Normal

    The much coveted pit hair growing all down my arm tattoo. Good for him!

  7. CharmlessMan

    Dis-a where I got da ouchy pitcha!

  8. Keyser Ballsy

    “That’s where I inject the testosterone”

  9. As a result of rugburn from her facial stubble, I’ve got this permanent scarring from my time on Dancing With the Stars with Kim Kardashian.

  10. cutthecrap

    Hey Mark, you’re still a douche!

  11. Sin

    See the muscle? NO, ok….THERE…damn, missed it again.

  12. kimmykimkim

    So I gather from reading these comments this guy is or was on dancing with the stars. Does anybody really watch that show? I thought it was only available in nursing homes. And don’t give me that it gets ratings crap. There are a LOT of motherfuckin’ old people out there.

  13. MrsWrong

    nice keds douchbeg

  14. Brennan Haley

    “Twenty more of these and I’ll be able to break out of jail.”

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