1. “Bring me Aubrey O’Day’s ham-shaped vagina.”

  2. WilmaMankiller

    I really owe those pants a big thank you just for being there.

  3. tony

    Ha ha! How zany! This man must be a comedian!

  4. tlmck

    Typical Hollywood star these days. No attractive, not particularly talented, and works cheap.

  5. Abby Normal

    Wow, it’s like looking at a slightly less disgusting version of Christina Aguilera…

  6. Throjo

    Always an Asian man in the the background, squinting it all with his eyes.

  7. CharmlessMan

    Jack Black doing a spot-on impression of my dog.

  8. hbw

    No ret faht in taxi, Mistah Brack!

  9. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    The guy pushing the cart seriously tells people back home that he “works in show business”.

  10. Det. Rick Shaw

    “Do the noise, Wang!”


    Ricky Schroder as Detective Rick Shaw

  11. See the look on the guy pushing the cart’s face? That’s because he can both see and smell it.

  12. Sin

    What kind of drugs must you be on to ever think this moron is funny?

  13. TomFrank

    Oh, crap. They’re making another Green Hornet movie?

  14. Bruce Willis in the background packing his 9mm, and patiently waiting for his chance.

  15. He’s dishonoring my culture, and cashing in on my history, but I can’t stay mad at him.

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