1. “Oh wow, there are wheels on our luggage? You’re a genius, Snooks!”

  2. doogleberg

    Hey, Guy Fawkes…wake the hell up! If there was EVER a time to detonate a bomb, it’s RIGHT NOW!

  3. Pipedreamer

    Guy Fawkes in the background must be thinking: “V is for Venereal Disease!”

  4. Artie Fatbuckle

    You’d think that in all of Italy there would be at least one mafia hitman willing to do America a solid and take care of these two.

  5. Devo

    Isn’t this a still shot from the scene in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd and Harry go on the shopping spree?


  6. JWoww is a good friend for helping Snooki wheel her sack lunch.

  7. JC

    Which venereal diseases causes accelerated leg hair growth?

  8. tlmck

    After being kicked out of their 12th hotel, Jenny and Snooki seek other options.

  9. WilmaMankiller

    How much herpes medication and candy bars are in your purse that you need to take luggage everywhere you go?

  10. crys

    Michael Kors is gonna kill someone when he sees this photo LOL

  11. Jenny with a Y

    I see Anonymous has a new target.

  12. There is always a Guy Fawkes display in the background wishing it could grow legs and run the fuck out of there.

  13. Lita

    And the term “stars” is used as loose as these two’s vajayjays.

  14. rough text

    I could’ve sworn they were at the premier of V for Vandetta in Mongolia. But if you say theyre in Italy then I believe it….

  15. KC

    Why is traveling with all kinds of crap in every picture? She’s like a slutty bag lady.

  16. I can’t wait until all of Europe is so incensed they come to burn down MTV headquarters. Should be any minute now…

  17. Looks like Guy Fawkes wants a piece of Snooki’s drumstick arm.

  18. kimmykimkim

    Snooki’s undercoat is already growing in.

  19. fuckoff

    Say what you want about them, but at the end of the day I gotta admit to myself that I would love to be in the middle of a Jenni/Snooks sandwhich. Wouldn’t they be fun in a lesbian orgy? Snookie is cute petite and a little squishy, Jenni would probably wear the strap. hehe

  20. holymoly

    this is the genetic basis for khloe kardasian

  21. GuyLeDouche

    The herd was aggressive and in an ugly mood, so Guy hid while they passed, rancid and snorting and bellowing.

  22. GeneralEmergency

    Hey look!

    It’s a Sasquatch wearing Yeti boots!

  23. Quijibo

    Poor Italy.

  24. baron of all media

    Seriously, it’s June in fucking Italy. What the fuck are you doing wearing snow boots, you stupid fucking TROLL!?!?!

  25. dontlooknow

    Why are these bag ladies always pushing such tiny carts?

  26. Shorty80

    Apparently MTV wants Italy to declare war on us.

  27. MrsWrong

    Not sure who Guy Fawkes is but I hope that Italian version of the Scream guy does actually kill these two

  28. MrsWrong

    how funny that Snooki wears shoes to make her look like a Clidesdale…tall and magestic… but she is the exact opposite…puny and disgusting. The only thing she has in common with the horse is a love for Bud Light and fu**ing in public

  29. Brennan Haley

    Snooki stepped on both of their dogs. AGAIN!

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