1. Cock Dr

    Methinks someone has gotten their drunk on.

  2. Deryn

    It’s the Believable-ist!

  3. tlmck

    I wonder how long before she gives up on this whole older man thing she has going on?

  4. Throjo

    Time to change the battery on your Stepford date, Seacrest.

  5. hbw

    Ok, I give up. How many blocks is he standing on?

  6. Tom Cruise has obviously been teaching Ryan a few tricks about beards, and lifts, and brainwashing, and…

  7. At least have a beard that matches your hair.

  8. See, Julianne’s smart. With most guys, you would worry about getting drunk and being taken advantage of. Going out with Seacrest? Not so much.

  9. Straight as Anderson Cooper.

  10. um ok

    seacrest thinking “look at that manly puerto rican ass…mmmm….”

  11. kimmykimkim

    I seriously thought that was Tara Reid for a second. Not even a drunk Tara Reid, just Tara Reid.

  12. kimmykimkim

    It appears she is using her clutch to scratch her crotch. Very discreet.

  13. GeneralEmergency

    After the drinkie-poos, I’m surprised that he can still walk in those six inch lifts.

  14. Doc Schweinstrudel

    she is fantastic looking

  15. Throjo

    Looks like Seacrest is growing a beard…and dating one.

  16. vlad

    Ryan Seacrest….OUT

  17. MrsWrong

    Even after work she’s “dancing” with “stars”?

  18. Oh see has a penis … yes I’m sure

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