1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she looks pretty good here

  2. “I’m so horny right now. i am going to have sex with this car door.”

  3. Fletch

    Wow, I can’t believe the American Pie money hasn’t dried up; that’s one nice ride

  4. Deryn

    The American Pie money has, but the shaikh money from Rent-A-Starlet hasn’t yet.

  5. AT

    pearl necklace gone wrong.

  6. Wow, now she has to resort to stealing cars?

  7. Abby Normal

    I think it’s pretty cool how they used the leftover skin from her tummy tuck to make that designer handbag. Open the car’s trunk and you’ll find matching luggage.

  8. WilmaMankiller

    Glad to see her boobs arent nearly as deformed as they once were.

  9. Turd Ferguson

    What could have been …

  10. TomFrank

    I think that Tara Reid, Audrina Patridge, and Aubrey O’Day should form a club: “Women Who Look Better Clothed.” And then maybe go out and fight crime or something.

  11. Not seen on the left, the John in the front seat with his pants around his knees and the $10 bill in his hand.

  12. Her Mercedes has a special feature: you start the engine by blowing into a straw.

  13. boort

    she’s broke cuz those back tires are as bald as hell, and if any dude was stickin around for the money he woulda told her that.

    • duh

      lol nice observation…I was wondering if it was a rental – she seems happy to have a pap catching her in front of it

  14. Shorty80

    Did she have some kind of corrective cosmetic surgery? We’ve only been subjected to certain angles and lighting, but it seems like she looks better these days.

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