1. JESUS H. M. F. CHRIST! she can change her name to Frankenstein now

  2. MmmmHmmm.Sure.

    Are there even words?

  3. Cock Dr

    She did that to herself. Sickening.

  4. Jennifer Aniston never looked hotter.

  5. Tila Tequila looks different. Maybe it’s the hair.

  6. Um

    So this is where V for Vendetta got its inspiration for the mask! Nice!!

  7. It had to be said

    For all that work she still has small tits. You have to wonder . . .

  8. Colin

    This must be what Joan Rivers is going for.

  9. Nice

    Wait, I don’t get it, is Heidi Montag flicking me off or trying to steal my soul?

  10. Chip Whitley

    Lion-O can’t be happy about how much Cheetara has let herself go.

  11. Fish, what’s your mailing address? I need to bill you for a new computer. I just puked on mine.

  12. Mike Walker

    Five dolla fucky sucky! I no kid!

  13. dotmatrix

    She still appears in public? I thought she had been locked away in a dungeon or something.

  14. Abby Normal

    I wish I had a nickel for every time Eddy Murphy has sucked this guy’s toes…

  15. Any Guy

    at the back of the head, the ears are touching under that wig. dude’s fucked.

  16. rough text

    I knew it.

    There was a sale on skin transplant that day. Tara Rein got some on her stomach.

  17. Deacon Jones

    I always told Paltrow to stop buying the cheap shit off of Charlie’s dealer, but Noooooooooo, someone wanted “to save money!!”

  18. WilmaMankiller

    I hope God would just go ahead and kill me instead of allowing me to walk around with a face that looks like I was attacked by a troop of chimps.

  19. hbw

    A woman who looks like a cat is flipping the bird. There’s gotta be a Sylvester and Tweety joke in here somewhere.

  20. Turd Ferguson

    It’s not enough that it’s got a face like a feline, now someone went and left it outside and the snails crawled all over it.

  21. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Heeeeereee kitty kitty kitty.

  22. I see that Renee Zellweger has finally cut back a little on all that annoying squinting.

  23. Siloporcen7

    I think the nicest thing I can say is: wear sunglasses! At all times

  24. KC

    This is Tara Reid’s stomach as a face.

  25. There’s something a little off about this picture, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Her hair? Her outfit? I… I just don’t know.

  26. “Vivid production stills from Jocelyn Wildenstein’s return to porn.”

  27. Saying she has the face of a catcher’s mitt is surprisingly disrespectful to catchers’ mitts.

  28. cutthecrap

    what the fuckity fuck fuck?

  29. fartbucket

    Jewel hasn’t aged well since she fell out of the spotlight.

  30. Sin

    You know what the worst part is? She thinks she looks real good. She has been quoted as to saying how pleased she is with the results of the surguries.

  31. A. Theist


    Staring at this for more than 5 seconds may result in any or all of the following; Crying until you can’t see, Laughing until you can’t breathe, Feeling the overpowering urge to gouge out your eyes, A telephone call informing you that you have 7 days left to live.

  32. fuckoff

    The girl behind her is looking at the camera knowingly, like “Good, someone is documenting that, now I won’t have to think about it all night while I try to sleep”

  33. GuyLeDouche

    Still sweating from the exertion of bringing down a wildebeest with the rest of the pride in the Serengeti that very afternoon, Jocelyn arrives at LAX.

  34. kammler

    Mr. Weiner should have requested a photo.

  35. Dr Ha-Ha

    Mr. Potato Head’s soul mate.

  36. GeneralEmergency

    Clearly the results of repeated Alien Abductions.

  37. keijo

    shouldn’t that be locked in a cage or something?

  38. whiskeyafternoon

    I didn’t know panda bears came in blond. Does it still eat bamboo?

  39. The Critical Crassness

    Wow, Jessica Simpson sure let herself go after the engagement was announced.
    Those trips to to the cupcake bar are really beginning to show in her face.

  40. me

    too sad…cant make any mean comments

  41. Quijibo

    That’s hot.

  42. tayker

    Holy shit! I wasn’t prepared for that.

  43. Mark B

    I bet if her and John Merrick banged out a kid, it would be SOOOO adorable.

  44. John Henry

    I’d hit it. Like a railway spike.

  45. zomgbie

    how can u miss that?

  46. She looks like a really bloated Julia Stiles…

  47. vlad

    would someone please get Tori Spelling an EpiPen, stat?

  48. dontlooknow

    The new mask design for Phantom of the Opera II is horrifying!

  49. Shorty80

    Insert joke about resemblance to Joan Rivers, Tori Spelling, Heidi Montag, etc here.

    I can’t believe she has enough skin left to continue having surgery. That has to be a plastic mask.

  50. CharmlessMan

    For someone who’s allergic to crab, she should really stop eating crab.

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