1. dontkillthemessenger

    Despite Jared Leto’s best attempts, this guy’s plaid shorts, yellow moccasins, and very fruity calf tattoo clinches today’s Douche Award.

    Tune in tomorrow as Jeremy Piven takes his new Vespa out for a ride.

  2. Man, you are such a badass Disdick!

  3. Johnny P!

    Piss yellow shoes. A tribute to the KKK Klan?

  4. He’s like a caricature of every asshole in any movie from the 80s.

  5. Is he that new gay superhero I’ve been hearing about?

  6. Bonky

    Regardless of what you are seeing in this photo, I would like to remind everyone that Scott Disick is NOT a mincing homosexual, because he is in fact living with an actual woman (female homosapien with a natural, functional vagina) and that she publicly claims he impregnated her twice (2 times and that is on record) during some kind of sexual act (an act considered to be heterosexual). So there !

  7. Angry gay Peter Brady.

  8. jerseygirl71

    Awwww, Mama Kris dressed him purty today!

  9. El Jefe

    Fucking queer.

  10. I see the juice matches the shoes, classy

    • catapostrophe

      One drink to match the shorts, another to match the shoes. Off camera, an assistant carries a purple drink for him.

  11. CK

    More fruit than the Chiquita Banana Woman’s hat.

  12. Captain Obvious

    Scott sees what you did thar

  13. dontlooknow

    Yellow moccasins? Seriously?

  14. Marc

    How did I make my money? Do you not see these sweet hand woven moccasins?

  15. Evil Monkey

    Kourtney must be a lesbian. That’s the only explonation she doesn’t realize the obvious.

  16. cc

    Okay, this guy really needs to get gone.

  17. lily

    mega douche

  18. BostonBruin

    Scott DICK ???

  19. I want to say something accurately abusive about the over-ripe fruitcake known as Scott Disick, but nothing I can say even comes close to conveying the abysmal hell of this sorry excuse for a human being’s shallow, contemptible life. I’ve failed…

  20. Skink

    Now I see why he has his nick name Scot Dicksuck! He dressed for the part, a purple pecker eater.

  21. I think we should buy him a hoody, a bag of Skittles, and an iced tea. Then tomorrow night we can parachute him into Florida.

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