1. His existence pisses me off.

  2. lillaliket

    eat, pray, flash?

  3. Johnny P!

    Every day is a “Fashion Statement”!
    Today… ‘”Douche is the new cool”.
    Oh wait, I’ve been doing that for a while…

  4. Bonky

    “Hey bro’s, I’m hip, I’m cool… Check out my shoes, weird, kinda freaky huh? That’s the way I roll, bro’s. Hey, I’m a rocker, did you know that ?. PARTAY, PARTAY, come on, somebody…. PARTAY ?. Aw, come on, I can get wine coolers for ya all.”

  5. The Brown Streak

    A one-person flash mob is not a flash mob.

  6. There is nothing I hate more than a dude who has thinner thighs than me!!

  7. cc

    I don’t care in what form death arrives, just let it get there fast!

  8. Warren Piece

    Yes, yes he dresses like a douche, but the guy can _actually_ sing.

  9. dontlooknow

    Irma la Douche….

  10. Winnie

    grrrroooan. When will people stop taking photos of this clown?

  11. Swearin

    Uh oh, Hipster Inspector Gadget is on another case!

  12. YoMamma

    Does he realize he’s in his FUCKING 30s? Grow up hipster.

  13. the crazy betty


  14. “…is able to leap tall beer cans in a single bound, and who, disguised as a fellow suffering from smegmitis, fights a never-ending battle for relevancy, fame and acceptance — in the American way!”

  15. Fgh

    There is someone behind him.

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