1. Johnny P!

    Great shot of the kind of dudes who would actually check out her body.

  2. The Brown Streak

    Excuse me for one second…***Thump*** ***Thump*** ***Thump*** ***SCREEEEEECH*** ***VROOOOOOOM*** ****ERRRRRRRRK*** ***Thump*** ***Thump*** ***Thump*** ***Knock*** ***Knock*** ***Knock*** Hi, are you Photo Boy? ***BANG!*** ***BANG!*** ***BANG!*** ***Thump*** ***Thump*** ***Thump*** ***SCREEEEEECH*** ***VROOOOOOOM*** ****ERRRRRRRRK*** ***Thump*** ***Thump*** ***Thump*** Sorry, I’m back now.

  3. OMG it’s Rosanne!

  4. El Jefe

    Kris Humprhies is furiously masturbating to this pic right now.

  5. Turd Burgleson

    Try not to startle the mother, or she’ll charge the blind… Their vision is cued to movement, so don’t move..

  6. if her tits stick out farther than her belly, she’s not fat.

    but it is just a matter of time

  7. When those things erupt, millions of Snooki spores will be released into the air, blowing in the wind, where they will settle in condos and trailer parks throughout New Jersey, and the circle of life will start anew.

  8. tlmck

    Note to Beyonce’. This is how you rock a pillow.

  9. journalschism

    Looks like the ‘son’ dressed as a chick in the ‘Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son’ movie.


  10. Time to build a stronger boardwalk.

  11. Blech

    She’s… glowing?

  12. Finally, Snooki’s very own redeeming social value. Tits!

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