1. it had to be said

    That hat would inspire me to violence as well.

  2. I think she has fucking rickets or something. She needs Vitamin D.

  3. The hipsters must’ve jumped her for having a Droid.

  4. Great White Pygmy

    How appropriate. A parakeet smoothie!

  5. The Brown Streak

    “It’s kind of like a cone of shame only it prevents me from eating all the nachos on my hat.”

  6. Dick Hell

    When tug-jobs go bad…

  7. dani

    She reallt must hate her hair now if she prefers to be seen wearing that hat.

  8. Turd Burgleson

    Ah look.. that little hooker from taxi driver is all grown up.

  9. Myslinky

    I immediately heard a gong being struck when I saw this picture….

  10. Meanwhile, back on the West coast, Jared Leto is upping the ‘cast as accessory’ game by having one of his legs plastered in gauze.

  11. No Fatties

    Aftermath of a donkey show gone wrong. She managed to get her protein shake, but was it worth the broken arm?

  12. “I looked at Chris Brown’s phone.”

  13. Swearin

    She really shouldn’t be blocking any sunlight…

  14. tlmck

    It’s like Bugs Bunny and Speedy Gonzales had a kid.

  15. Bonky

    Why is she not on a leash ? Doesn’t anybody read these damn signs ?

  16. King Diamond

    Why does her nose always look fake?

    • the crazy betty

      I was thinking the same thing. like it is made of clay. and it’s all red around the edges like she’s been snorting coke for a couple of days.

  17. cc

    I told her not to order a quarter pounder, but she wouldn’t listen.

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