1. dontkillthemessenger

    This guy wouldn’t choose that guy.

  2. Spartacus

    Alright Dave?

  3. it had to be said

    Probably better to just get the tits out instead of getting more plastic surgery.

  4. “You suck my dick then I’ll suck yours”

  5. This is the perfect girl for Tony.

  6. Mr. Poop

    They got some cool dudes to go to the Guys Choice Awards I see

  7. Johnny P!

    Mangela has her eye on you.

  8. anonym

    fuck. IT’S A MAN !!!!!!

  9. Bonky

    How the hell does something like that end up at a “Guys Choice” awards ?

  10. popwilleatitself

    She is 24 years old! How is that possible?

  11. The Brown Streak

    “I’m going to name these ‘The Megapowers’”

  12. J.R.

    Ok, so it’s a guy with big fake tits. Now what?

  13. Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy

    “Put the fucking lotion in the basket!!!!”

  14. She was on hand to receive the award for “Celebrity most mistaken to be a Photoshop Disaster.”

  15. Art Crow

    The only way to kill the beast is to keep it out in the sunlight.

  16. CranAppleSnapple

    Ziegfried’s trying a new longer ‘do.

  17. El Jefe

    Awww fuck, I have tried to defend her for years but come on Brooke. Come on now. I can’t defend this shit.

    • Same here, El Jefe. I used to think that despite her size and large-boned physique, and notwithstanding her fake tits, she had an animal magnetism (“I am a MAN, not an animal!”) and looked like she would be a great roll in the hay. But what the fuck happened…??? Testosterone overdose or did someone recently give her several whacks about the head and shoulders with the proverbial ugly stick?

  18. She even makes an ugly man…

  19. unknown

    Is there a psychiatric disorder that causes someone to bring a picture of a “beautiful woman” to their plastic surgeon, and it always end up turning out to be their dad?

  20. jeffiner

    why does her face look like the devil???

  21. JK

    Ugh she had to have more work done, now with even a little shadow it’s starting to look like the five o’clock type.

  22. GAH!! too close, TOO CLOSE!

  23. sprub

    It’s the puppet from the Saw films, but scarier.

  24. To quote Bernie Mac from Bad Santa:

    “That ain’t right.”

  25. Raoul

    I would print this out and put this in the fridge so I lose some weight, but I’m afraid all the food would spoil.

  26. zomgbie

    and this is what happens when ronnie wood and rod stewart have nose sex.

  27. Well? What did he choose?

  28. dontlooknow

    Her head looks photo-shopped onto JLove Hewitt’s bandaged dress body….

  29. kaylia

    looks like really really really bad photoshop. She’s actually quite nice looking with very little makeup, idunno who turns her into a drag queen :(

  30. MyCoworkerIsHot

    He looks like Gelman from Regis & Kelly or whatever it’s called now.

  31. theoriginal LJ

    I think we have a winner!!!!!

    Finally someone in the news who is aging worse than Lindsay Lohan. This girl is only 24. That face is near forty.

  32. Snack pack

    His chin has a nice pair

  33. Marc

    Now I see why they banned chair shots to the head in wrestling. Dusty Rhodes is looking tore up.

  34. tlmck

    Female impersonation gone wrong.

  35. Evil Monkey

    If he wants to be a woman that’s his choice.

  36. journalschism

    Quagmire’s daughter.

  37. smanchwhich

    “i tell her to bring in a picture of what she wants her chin to look like, and she shows me peter griffin. swear to god.”

  38. BostonBruin

    Wonder why Dee Snider was there?

  39. lily

    OMG isnt she only in her early 20s? she looks old enough to be my mom. that is some damaged washed out skin. a spitting image of her mother. SCARY

  40. alex

    Hulk is back baby!

  41. Orson

    Draw me like one of your orc girls.

  42. Leonidas

    “I must break you”.

  43. the crazy betty

    her face looks bruised. poor thing.

  44. I still would. I always will.

  45. bazooka joe

    ugly fuck

  46. squishy

    “Must look fierce, must look fierce…damn you botox!!”

  47. cutthecrap

    I believe I see some Deena, Snooki and Kartrashian with a little Peter Griffin chin balls

  48. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    The woman who could make any gay man straight.

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