1. it had to be said

    She should have written “just swallow” on her hand. That might have helped.

  2. Funny how that’s the look most of us have on our face when anyone mentions “Jersey Shore”

  3. The Brown Streak

    Damn, we got all the retarded kids to fall out except for one…this one’s going to be a toughy.

  4. EE

    That’s ‘The Himalaya.’

  5. To think, just 30 years ago we didn’t have amusement rides for special people…

  6. I bet this is usually the reaction she sees after rides on the JwowwCoaster.

  7. anonymous

    they told her not to lick that rail. who knows how many people have touch it? they tell not to lick the stripper pole too but she does.

  8. jerseygirl71

    Yeah, I’m guessing by the look on her face that that lap bar is highly reflective. We understand, bitch, we really do.

  9. cc

    So, I auditioned for this role in a porn movie, I grabbed his dick like this, and made this lusty face, and the director yelled ‘cut’. I don’t get it.

  10. Little Tongue

    Suck my semen coated tongue, you fool.

  11. CK

    I wouldn’t sit next to her, either.

  12. Raoul

    “So I sticks my tongue out and I yanks and I yanks like this but I always miss! THAT’S why my hair is up.”

  13. This is how she advertises her fragrance for K-Mart.

  14. The Pope

    She must be down-wind of Snooki.

  15. Mike701

    After having sex with Snookie, Jwoww now realizes why a dog will lick it’s own ass to get a taste out of it’s mouth.

  16. “Are you a dirty nasty whorebitch?”
    “Polygraph says you’re lying.”

  17. Swearin

    I guess too much Tanning between Gym and Laundry finally led to a stroke

  18. tlmck

    “JWoww. How do you like working with Snooki?”

  19. Dammit…she looks doable again. The damned paps are letting me down and causing me to be attracted to her. Oh well. I will NOT relocate to New Jersey, no matter how much she begs me!

  20. That’s the same face I make when I fap to her bikini pics.

  21. Blech

    Should have used Preparation H.

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