1. zzyz

    Laughing his ass off about what a lucky s.o.b. he is, and he ain’t finished either. I bet he is on to the next hot blonde in another year or two!

  2. Johnny P!


  3. The Brown Streak

    Let’s ignore the douche and focus on why we are being sponsored by LA Fitness and COCA-COLA!?

  4. I thought the theory was that people and their dogs look alike, not people and their spouse. Oh wait….

  5. WTF is this?? “The Tools We Missed…6.4.12″??? DAMN!

  6. LifetimeMovie

    “And then after I convinced her to get veneers the same size as mine, I convinced her to get tits the same size as my ex!! Bitches be crazy!!”

  7. contusion

    I’m sorry, I just started getting my memory back after the accident. Say that again…I dumped my wife for WHO??

  8. journalschism

    Yeah, I left the hot one for the psycho. Yeah. That’s me.

  9. Cock Dr

    Test case for “is crazy contagious?” theory.

  10. YoMamma

    “I know, I can’t believe I walked out on my kids and hot wife either. Ha Ha Ha. Crazy man… LeAnn really is… crazy man… help me…”

  11. the crazy betty

    he looks like leeann.

  12. “Yeah, nitrous oxide…it’s far out and it makes living with that bulimic harpy a whole lot easier…”

  13. Blech

    I guess it’s true what they say about some people resembling their partners.

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