1. vagy


    • donkeylicks

      Stagehand: Ms. Estefan you need to get a hold of yourself, there is no fire!
      Gloria: WHAT.. What do you mean??? It’s right there!
      Stagehand: (sigh) Ms. Griffin is exposing her crotch again…

  2. it had to be said

    I bet Estefan’s vomit projected at least three feet. Mine went that far and she’s got bigger lungs than I do.

  3. “Granny panties” is the punchline to a joke I never want to hear.

  4. Welp. I can’t unsee that. FML.

  5. Johnny P!

    Thought it was the BC52′s cover of “Meet The Flinstones”

  6. Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy

    “Elian was right!! Quick, back to Cuba muy pronto!!! Ariba!!!”

  7. Bonky

    I was wondering why they had a huge sign saying “NO REFUNDS” at the door.

  8. The Brown Streak

    If only she was 72 years younger…

  9. This pretty much ruined tighty-whiteys for me….

  10. Anthony

    I always buy underwear 10 times the size I need too!

  11. jerseygirl71

    Gloria “that’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!!!”

    Kathy “but don’t you hang around with Marc Anthony?”

  12. Warren Piece

    Gloria: “Thank you ladies and gentlemen we’ll be here all week! Don’t forget to stop by the buffet.”

    Kathy; “Try the tuna!”

  13. dontlooknow

    She wearing he Ma’s panties?

  14. SSHGuru

    After seeing that I both vomited and crapped my pants at the same time.

  15. Mike701

    I think that smell like my mamacita’s Birra!

  16. EnginEngine#9

    KILL IT!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! Oh, wait…

  17. I see London

    I wonder how much Depends paid her to do that.

  18. contusion

    Words get in the way.

  19. Evil Monkey

    Brain… shutting…down… can’t… type…

  20. cc

    Some things cannot be unseen.

  21. catapostrophe

    She’s truly outrageous!

  22. I wonder if Gloria was too polite to tell her she smells like pee.

  23. the crazy betty


  24. Could it be that there is some sort of convoluted thought pattern that allows Kathy Griffin to think she’s actually attractive?

  25. EricLr

    Grandma’s off her meds again.

  26. I love how ballsy Kathy is.

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