1. it had to be said

    Poor poor bottoms are about to be consumed whole.

  2. Tony…another one for you!

    • JPC

      If you don’t think that is the most attractive person ever, you are clearly a gay pedophile.


  3. DeucePickle

    So, NOT Britney Spears ?

  4. zzyz

    Cool, I get to say it before someone else does. Busy, has been busy eating!

  5. Bonky

    So now any blonde chick with a fat ass can get a career in Hollywood ?

  6. The Brown Streak

    Somewhere there’s a sofa going AHHHHHHHHHHH!

  7. Joe

    Looks like she’s been Busy . . . at the buffet! Hiyyyyoooooo!!

  8. Dick Hell

    Excellent swimsuit choice for a much smaller person.

  9. lawn

    Hey, I’d hit that, but I;d make sure she doesn’t learn my address.

  10. El Jefe

    That is actually an entire teepee.

  11. Biff

    Busy what…eating?

  12. There is just a whole bunch o’wrong going on here.

  13. Captain Obvious


  14. Animal

    I like her ass.

  15. Have you ever heard the one about the oxymoron who shows up at the pool?

  16. dontlooknow

    Yep, she’s been busy with the ice cream….

  17. Fish, I think you added a Y in her name by accident.

  18. tlmck

    And the Chubby Chaser’s convention panel says: “I think we’ve found this years celebrity hostess!”.

  19. fred

    Idle Philipps

  20. journalschism

    Not bad for a single mom.

  21. cc

    Better get Busy on the elliptical.

  22. BostonBruin

    Busy what? Busy eating all the pies??

  23. amir

    Square butt anyone?…

  24. Franka

    Wallmart offers swimming lessons AND sells swimsuits to women with chunky figures? Who knew.

  25. I have no idea what happened, but at one time she was really easy on the eyes. Maybe she did get busy eating everything in sight. Or maybe her girth is a remnant of a pregnancy…???


  26. squishy

    Hmmmm how do we know that is Busy?

  27. EricLr

    Whoever sold her that swimsuit needs to be prosecuted.

  28. I like what I’m seeing here. She could keep me busy for a long time.

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