1. viagy

    photoshop will be needed…. as always

  2. Spartacus


  3. zzyz

    Tucking the fat under the Lycra

  4. it had to be said

    Pity the poor spa worker who spent two-and-a-half days making it so that we see no hair on the gut, legs, or “bikini” area.

  5. zzyz

    Hope they show us the “after” photoshopped pic so we can compare it to this one and have a good laugh.

  6. Dan Quayle

    A picture that will define this inflection point in the history of mankind

  7. USDA Prime McBeef


  8. Jesse

    I’ll take the one of the left.

  9. Bonky

    You know, the woman on the left really has nicer tits. Maybe if we send her to the same doctors and makeup people that Kim uses we might really have something.

  10. Johnny P!

    Sorry to be rude but…
    what a vile, talentless twat.

  11. popwilleatitself

    Her belly button is frowning.

  12. The Brown Streak

    Ah yes, the ye olde print out a fake stomach and tape to a one piece suit trick. That’ll fool them.

  13. why is this pic necessary? its just going to be pissed on later

  14. She has it on backwards.

  15. J.R.

    “And we had to “work-in” the Industrial-Strength Spandex in this area. As you can see, it’s containing that quite nicely.”

  16. Michael

    Esquire is jumping the shark. Didn’t they just have Laura Vandervoort do a Me and My Place segment? Why go to the ho’ bag Kim Kunt Rash?

  17. [img][/img]

  18. Well I woke up this mornin’
    Looked outdoors
    I can tell my milk cow
    I can tell by the way she MOOOSSS
    If you see my milk cow
    Please drive her on home
    Cuz I ain’t had no milk and butter
    Since That cow been gone

  19. Dick Hell

    If it takes this much rigging just to keep your ass from dragging on the ground it might be a good time to invest in a StairMaster.

  20. MrG

    She’s going to be on the cover of Esquire? I guess it’s time to cancel my subscription.

  21. cc

    We recovered this material from a crashed stealth fighter, so there’s not much of it, but we did our best.

  22. Jesus Christ….I hate this woman. I hate her enough to tell Jesus Christ. “Kim Kardashian posted this…” psshhh…tool.

  23. CK

    Does the ass have a cut-out too?

  24. chloe

    Parts: Clonus Horror.

  25. That assistant is wearing a “Bolex” watch and Kim is still the fakest thing in this picture.

  26. zomgbie

    oh kim, try to pick something to wear that makes u look even wider.

  27. That is the most convincing fake body apron I’ve ever seen.

  28. “Honey, my boobs are just as nice as yours. I just don’t show them off like they’re first prize at a raffle.”

  29. “OK, so against the green screen, the black areas will not look so gosh darn fat.”

  30. Evil Monkey

    Let’s just tuck this extra ass here… there, you’re ready for the pastures, I mean photoshoot.

  31. Elf

    “Now, if you push the bellybutton, it will start to move. It will also talk, but we haven’t been able to make it speak coherent sentences yet”

  32. Jack Ketch

    MMMmmmmmoOOOOOOOO (with fake udders).

  33. “No, I’m sorry. I can’t make this fabric stretch any more than it is.”

  34. “This new model Andro-Kim is totally immersible in any liquid or precious bodily fluid, has blow-up breasts and buttocks, even has a mute mode. When you awaken in the morning you’ll find that she has ordered you breakfast, sent out your laundry and dry cleaning, and has stolen all your credit cards.”

  35. EricLr

    Most humiliating job in Hollywood: The designated crab picker.

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