1. Ronaldo

    Cant blame Hilary for making that face.

  2. Dbag

    Beauty and the Beast

  3. I think we need to accept the fact that Jonah has eaten Leo. I surmise that he hired an impostor to go on yachts with hot women.
    It’s the only explanation.

  4. Michael

    Holy shit, Chris Christie!

  5. “Ok, just get through this, just get through this, just get through this…just once and then he said he’d get me into the audition with Leo…doing it for the role…for the role..omg breathe breathe breathe….”

  6. dreamcrusher

    Hilary took Rodney’s advice. If you want to look thin hang out with fat people.

    How’s that diet coming Jonah? You can almost hear his arteries filling with lard before they eventually burst.

  7. “My bad Hilary, I had a triple decker Pastrami Burger for 4th meal last night.”

  8. I’m sure his excuse is that he’s putting on weight for his next role

  9. Hill’s starting to look like one.

  10. “Jesus! I was pregnant, what’s your excuse?”

  11. CptCreep

    Ever see Jonah Hill and Chaz Bono in the same room? No… no you don’t….

  12. cajunhawk

    I wouldn’t stand down wind honey…Chipotle is my life.

  13. ” I don’t walk that often but when I do I always walk next to Jonah – it is so slimming…! “

  14. “Maybe Leo will let me back on his yacht if I bring a hot chick.”

  15. “Jonah, seriously, no matter how many engagement ring stores we window shop, it’s not happening.”

  16. Bystander: “Doesn’t it bother you to be seen in public with that hideous thing?”

    Jonah: “No, not at all.”

  17. Vlad

    Hilary: And they thought my ass was big.

  18. He hasn’t seen his willie in two years which is long enough to declare it legally dead.
    He can’t stop eating.
    He eats because he is unhappy
    He is unhappy because LEO

  19. Odbarc

    I bet Jonah is just getting blowjob advice for when he needs to kiss Channing’s dick.

  20. I'm Really Old

    Jonah Hill: “Evenin’ everybody!”
    (everybody): “Norm!”

  21. Ever notice how a grossly fat person makes a merely overweight person actually look thin and healthy? Jonah is looking great!

  22. “I can’t see back there. Did I do a good job wiping my own ass?”

  23. “Hey, Jonah…yeah you, the big asshole…get a razor and scrape that shit off your neck. It just doesn’t work for people your size. In fact, it makes you look even uglier than you really are.”

  24. Spanky

    “Please don’t let him get in front of me at the buffet line.”

  25. Bobby J

    Dat ass!

  26. “Ugh! Please let that be a melted chocolate bar in his back pocket..”

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