1. Frodo’s planning on taking the back way into the shore tonight.

  2. Short Round

    In some strange, disturbed way they look good together. One looks like a pervert, the other is. Can it be love?

  3. His smirk says “I’ve masturbated to your movies”
    Her smirk says “I know”

  4. Yuck

    First video I ever seen her in she was licking multiple assholes like a dog with peanut butter on its snout. I just can’t unsee that whenever I look at her.

  5. dreamcrusher

    Not the girl you want to bring home to mama. Unless mama wants to do anal.

  6. You know he’s got “Hover Hand” around her butt.

  7. “Remember that scene from the first ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie where I was in the ruins of an ancient watchtower and the leader of the Nasgul stabbed me with a Morgul blade that almost turned me into a wraith before being healed in Rivendell and meeting back up with Gandalf the Grey?”
    “Um, yes.”
    “I wanna fuck you.”

  8. Great pairing…they both love anal.

  9. Her vajay has never been in less trouble

  10. They’re going to be starring in a new movie together called “The One Cockring to Rule Them All”.

  11. She’s fit bigger things than him up there.

  12. She’s one of my favourite people ever.

  13. When did she become Asian?

  14. BryceT

    Looks like they are going to make sequel to The 40 Year Old Virgin.

  15. One ring of chancres to rule them all.

  16. So he really is Hobbit-sized in real life….

  17. wat

    Come on Hobbit. Long ways to go yet. Desensitizing Smeagel will show the way.

  18. This must be the dwarf porno version of SlingBlade.

  19. alexxx3488

    I’ve got something in my front pocket for you…why don’t you reach on in my pocket, and see what it is…

  20. He’s Frodo, she’s a skunk.

  21. I really like Sasha Grey. She has never bowed to pressure and gotten breast implants…and I think that’s HOT!

  22. THAT young lady is talented.

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