1. Now open your mouth…

  2. Fake Yoga Instructor Pose #49: the Floating Trophy Wife.

  3. anonymous

    I think she out yoga’d Ireland on instagram. Ireland hasn’t done one of these stupid “See I do yoga.” poses in a long time.

  4. Is she ever on land?

  5. Voice of Reisling


  6. You’d think with a wife as flexible as this, Alec would be a happier man.

  7. I do that every morning before I get out of Bed

  8. I can think of some fun things to do to her in that position.

  9. Wayner

    No wonder Alec is always in a snit. She out on a boat somewhere with Cabana Boy taking pictures of herself in contortions while is in a rage with some meter maid back in New York, wearing clothing he borrowed from Nick Nolte. Life is just not fair!!!

  10. I gotta say, I’m envious of whoever it is taking racy photos of Alec Baldwins wife and then fucking her.

  11. She is trying to be a yoga celebrity.

  12. If you practice doing this, the restraints don’t hurt as much.

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