1. Kelly Brook is all that’s good and pure in the world

  2. That’s a very good but rather old photo of Miss Brook. Nothing wrong with revisiting history, I suppose.

  3. Michael

    She’s a phenomenal beauty, but why is she posting retro pics?

  4. Boobs….that’s why

  5. [Amazed that 6 responses in a Kelly Brook post go by with none from Zaloog. Must be on vacation.]

  6. Jake

    Hobby Lobby may take away the free Pill, but photoshop and Boobs are keeping my seed from finding purchase!

  7. Once again I present Exhibit A:
    Theses are the best pictures of her, ever! Kelly, stop photoshopping and showing flashback pictures, you are hot without that shit!

  8. See, this is the perfect thing to come home to. I wish I came home to it in person. Hot enough to make an atheist believe in god.

    • There ain’t a man or woman alive hot enough to make me believe in a homicidal sky faerie.

      • You haven’t seen me in person yet. ;)

        How could something as perfect as Kelly Brook exist without a homicidal sky fairy in control of everything? Man can’t create something like this! Repent, heathens!

        Is what I would say if I was a religious jackass. But I’m not. I’m an atheist and it was a joke.

      • Now I’m just curious what her parents look like.

        I think the closest there is for me would be Alan Rickman, but that would just be a catch-22, what with God creating himself and all.

      • Yep. It’s all a bunch of convoluted bullshit. People will believe anything, no matter how ridiculous, if you package it right.

  9. She doesn’t look like herself here. Or at least her face doesn’t.

  10. George P Burdell

    That is what she looked like back when we dated in high school.

  11. She’s obviously a pretty woman even if this isn’t representative of what she looks like now. But it’s hard not to be wary of an adult woman who devotes so much time posting pictures of her breasts on the internet. Sure it’s fun to make harmless comments about but I imagine an adult relationship with her would be quite a narcissistic pas de deux. But also, big ol’ titties.

  12. right

    When a girl looks like her but cant seem to stay in a stable relationship, it’s mental issues.

  13. anonym

    I thought the INSTA in Instagram meant Instant pictures real time.

    Not posting old old photos.

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