1. Ronaldo

    Kids, this here is a British clown. Laugh at him

  2. So…. he’ll have them all enslaved by lunch?

  3. The kid in the middle: “Who the *fuck* is this ginger pendejo?”

  4. Upon first glance, I thought this was a Will Ferrell bit.

  5. “Papi, why the piƱata make noise? May we hit very hard now?”

  6. Dan Synder’s “Original Americans” charity blows its entire endowment on its first outreach program.

  7. JimBB

    “Daddy, why is he blowing on that ashtray?”

    “Because he’s an inbred idiot who will believe anything we tell him, son.”

  8. It’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.

  9. “We loved you in ‘Anchorman,’ Mr. Harry!”

  10. “You see, little brown people, if I blow this trumpet, a strumpet comes! Trumpet…strumpet…get it? Oh to hell with you peasants.”

  11. “This is how most girls get a ride home with me.”

  12. “Hello pygmy natives! Big ginger white man smokum peace pipe with you…You savvy?”
    “Thank you Harry for entertaining the children. Now please take that hose out of your mouth and put it back in my mother’s collostomy bag,”

  13. These royals’ entire lives are like one big Wes Anderson movie. I keep expecting Pagoda to walk out with a dull steak knife and shank one of them before we find out he was faking his cancer.

  14. “So I’m sittin’ on me throne, takin’ just a bit of a snooze, when me mum asks me if I would like to go get a bowl of chili…and suddenly, here I am!”

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