1. Ronaldo

    Not one bit surprised. I knew eventually he end up as a homeless drunk.

  2. I AM…ZORRO!

    Aw goddamnit I ferget mah mask *again*.

  3. Voice of Reisling

    Terrible life advice from a hypocrite, only $8!

  4. How’s That Working Out For Ya!

  5. Twizlah

    Swiggity swooty, I’m comin’ for that booty!

  6. kravdan

    Screw Doctor Oz! I been endorsing terrible products and giving out useless advice before his daddy was planting his seed in his mamma’s dirty box!

  7. Barcham

    No, thanks, I have my own bottle of wine. Just park the car and I checked the mileage so no joyride!

  8. Why do I suddenly want to go to Six Flags?

  9. Caption: Dr. Phil waits for a car. Not his car, necessarily, just any car.

  10. Great White Pygmy

    I’m gonna beat (hic) I’m gonna beat your (hic)
    I love you man.

  11. “Oh so wait. The girl in the yard has her own milkshake?”

  12. Spleen

    I’d duck too if I sucked as bad as Dr. Phil

  13. Chris Hansen? Again?

  14. Odbarc

    I bet that’s a jar of old man cum. You can tell because he shaved his mustache.

  15. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    The reasons behind Shia LaDouche’s return to rehab sprang into focus when his AA mentor was arrested outside a LA diner last night trying to convince customers he WAS a member of the valet parking team, shouting

    “Give me the goddam keys! I need the loose change from the seats!”

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