1. buzz

    Looks like she wearing a broken condom.

  2. Michael

    And here I thought Nicki Minaj’s ass was horrific.

  3. It’s that new fabric Elon Musk is using for his space shuttle. Apparently Kim is a Beta tester for tensile strength.


  5. Sausage casing line: mid-thigh.

  6. Will.I.Am opens the door for Kim Kardashian on his first day at his new job.

  7. Voice of Reisling

    It has the creamy consistency of chocolate moose.

  8. Even without the hooves and horns it still looks terrible…

  9. hollyhood

    that dude holding the door is both repulsed and aroused by her – his facial expression is so telling (and heartbreaking).

  10. Now he has risen
    Miracles would have to save
    Those that the beast is looking for
    Listen in awe and you’ll hear him …

    Bark at the moo

  11. Jack Ketch


  12. BryceT

    Kanye has got to be tired of banging that mess by now. Fool…

  13. coljack

    No need to caption this one. We would have figured it out.

  14. The sound of spandex weeping.

  15. Mellllzy

    She spends so much time in multiple layers of support garments. She must have some wicked vag flora going on down there. Lady parts need air!

  16. Pics like this make me like JLO a little more each time

  17. MoreMariaNow!!

    All the fat in her ass makes it look like shes wearing 3-4 grandma panties!! hahahahahaha

  18. “I’m sorry, you can’t come in Miss Kardashian. We have a three skank minimum.”

  19. Odbarc

    Seemless adult diapers worn by Kim Cardassian.

  20. Senor Trout

    The only reason Ray J gave her a golden shower was that he couldn’t figure out the plane geometry needed to successfully give her anal.

  21. John the Faptist

    This is what she’s famous for…this. What a strange world. When did an anus become God?

  22. Cock Dr

    Gotta kick July off right.

  23. RayJ

    I gotta pee.

  24. “Tragedy in New York City today when Kim Kardashian’s dress exploded killing three innocent bystanders. The “celebrity” herself was only stunned while being embarrassed to be standing on 5th Avenue in the buff…”

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