1. Anyone care to expedite their trip to hell?

  2. cuddles

    How the hell did they get a photo where his arms weren’t all blurry?

  3. “Michael, you looked a little shaky on the fifth hole…”

    Hell can’t be worse than this Earth. Bring it on, Satan!

  4. If there’s an earthquake, he might actually stand a chance. *gets handed a ticket to hell* BECAUSE THE HOLES WOULD BE TO THE TEE OFF! THAT’S ALL I MEANT! I SWEAR!

  5. Eejut

    What’s your handicap?

  6. cajunhawk

    Make fun of his Parkinson’s all you want…guy is the best ball washer in the lower 48.

  7. JimBB

    “So what’s wrong with us in the future, Doc? Do we turn out to be assholes or something?”

    “No, you develop Parkinson’s.”


    “What, no wiseass rejoinder to that one, you arrogant little shit?”

  8. And by “his annual golf tournament” they mean that it takes him a year to finish the course.

  9. I’ll bet he makes an awesome martini back at the clubhouse

  10. “Whoa… Will these California earthquakes ever stop?”
    “There’s no earthquake sonny, and this is Vancouver.”
    “Well, I guess the only other explanation is my medication wore off. See you back at the clubhouse bitches!”

  11. Mr. Sensitive

    It was hard to say which was worse – how long it took him to find the putter and pull it out of the bag, or how long it took before he put it back.

  12. Being stuck behind Michael J Fox’s foursome is already my idea of hell.

  13. I want to thumb-up all you funny bastards, but I think even that’s enough to get Satan excited. :D

  14. Michael’s handicap is that whenever he swings at the ball it looks like he took three strokes.

  15. He is super. And not only because he is Marty. Not only.

  16. zeke1109

    I have Parkinson’s and these are great!

    A positive about having Parkinson’s? When you masturbate you don’t have to do all the work anymore!

    Grand Theft Auto 5: “Out of the way, Parkinson’s driver!”

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