1. I’m old enough to remember when Madonna was this young and pretty.

  2. Mike

    Ah first comment comments on how cute Rita Ora is. I think she’s cute, but the face is odd. Yeah, plastic surgery. But I would definitely go to town.

  3. Hmm…without he boob hanging out, she doesn’t seem as talented.

  4. tlmck

    She should just go ahead and change her name to Wanna Be.

  5. I think she’s hot.

  6. the blonde hair is terrible…dont get why so many women think going blonde will look good and make them sexier…especially when dark hair is far more gorgeous

    • Ya know, lily, it’s all subjective. But I agree with you in this instance. She is a vey attractive woman whose hair looks like alfalfa that’s been painted yellow.

  7. What the hell is this? I thought they had scrapped “White Chicks 2″!

  8. huh

    Why did someone photoshop in a soccer player behind her?

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