1. Horse jokes are coming…

  2. tlmck

    Unless they get big enough to cover that face, she might as well hide them.

  3. At least her hands are not in the photo this time.

  4. horrendous…the multicolored hair and eye make up are doing her no favors….which this woman is in desperate need of.

  5. The least distracting boobs in the history of misdirection.

  6. Do you think Matthew Broderick has named all the freckles on her boobs. “That one is called Trigger, that one is called Silver, That one is called Secretariat, that one is called Seabiscuit and that one is Mr. Ed.”

  7. Little Tongue

    Woohoo! The mole is growing back!

  8. “Actually they’re relatively new. I recently bought them from Angelina Jolie. Got a helluva deal…”

  9. EricLR

    WTF kind of sick veterinarian does breast implants?!?!?

  10. I never knew Sergio Aragones did celebrity caricatures.

  11. It’s not ending well.

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