1. The always awkward solo fist bump.

  2. caley

    They’re two former superheroes looking for work and love in New York City. Supermen: Coming to NBC this fall!

  3. Potsie and Chachi.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Which one of you valets is going to fly to the lot and get my car?

  5. Chinese superman and “doesn’t know what a condom is” superman.

  6. Crisis on unemployed Earths

  7. The second and fourth Superman. Dean was a great Superman and Brandon would’ve made a better Superman if the movie he was cast in wasn’t so fucking shitty.

    • Either George Reeves or Christopher Reeve is cursing you from his grave right now.

      • I’ve never seen George Reeves as Superman, but wasn’t he a drunk? I only know him from people telling jokes about him being a drunk. Christopher Reeve is still the best Superman. No question about it. Dean Cain was second best. Tom Welling is third best and Brandon Routh is dead last (through no fault of his own).

        I think Henry Cavill will make a great Superman, but the script of the movie and how the character is portrayed is most important. He also needs a good villain.

      • George Reeves was perfect for his time. Routh was a good Superman, but the story was too pushed as a latter day sequel to the two Donner films. It was twenty years too late. If the technology to do the same special effects was available in 1982 and Christopher Reeve starred in the film, it would have been well received.

        I would not count Welling as a Superman. He never wore the shield. He was a good Clark Kent.

        If the new film is good, I hope they find a good villain. Luthor and Zod have been done. Bring in a new antagonist.

      • Maybe they can use this movie to set up bringing in Darkseid or Doomsday.

      • Anonymous

        You had a ton of muscle to Brandon Routh and he looked more like Superman than Henry Cavill.

        Problem is that he got cast in a crappy Superman movie everyone wants to forget exists and that he was forced to play a Christopher Reeve impersonation.

      • I think Dinklage should be Superman. Hell, if Tom Cruise can play Jack Reacher…

      • BTW, I don’t believe George Reeves had any drinking difficulties. He may have had a few on the night he allegedly put a bullet in his skull, but alcohol wasn’t any sort of lasting or recurring problem. He was a pretty good Superman. I remember as a kid that show was one of my favorites. It was pretty campy, but what the hell — it was the 50′s.

  8. Frank Burns

    Looks like Routh isn’t as enthusiastic about his and Cain’s new superhero roles as “The Civil Union Wonder Twins”.

  9. The only thing missing is a couple of horses.

  10. Okay, which one should I take in the death pool?

    • Phil Harmonica

      Take Cain in the death pool. He used to date Mindy McCready, and probably carries some “I could have saved her” guilt.

  11. Never been a big Dean Cain fan, but Brandon Routh was great as the bad guy on Chuck.

  12. Andy Semite

    This brings me joy, apart from Reeve, these two were great as both Clark and as Supes.

  13. Swearin

    Henry Cavill sees this same image in his bi-weekly nightmares

  14. Why is Scott Peterson at Comic Con?

  15. EricLR

    Christopher Reeve is still getting more work than us!

  16. Jenn

    I like Brandon Routh on Zack and Mirri Make a Porno. He and Justin Long were funny as hell. Dean Cain works (or did) as the host of Ripley’s Believe or Not.

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