1. MisterSHO

    The Vending Machinist

  2. Fatman Begins

  3. There’s no way in hell that is Christian Bale. He looks like a fucking hick at a gun show

  4. American Psycho turned into American Pie

  5. Batman doesn’t need to iron his shirts. Why? Because he’s Batman.

  6. why’s he so pudgy? i would hate to me his metabolism…my god what a rollar coaster

    • Trek Girl

      It’s for a movie role. Basically any big change in his weight or hair is because he is or will be filming a movie.

  7. Batman’s got bitch tits.

  8. Go ahead. Say Sibi Blazic 10 times fast.

  9. Thats what happens when you yo-yo diet, Batman!

  10. Must be prepping for his leading role in the Kevin Federline biopic.

  11. I’d make a Supersize Method joke but I’m afraid he hasn’t forgotten how to headbutt my spine out off my ass yet.
    Also, that ‘s one fine woman.

  12. Grace

    I still would.

  13. cutthecrap

    Christian Whale , amirite?

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