1. Buffy the Aging Vampire Slayer.

  2. I bet being an immortal vampire doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

  3. She’s still as beautiful as ever. I’ll always love you, Sarah. As a matter of fact this applies to the entire cast of Buffy &Angel. Eternal respect.

  4. Cock Dr

    In this photo it appears that the vampires won.

  5. Always adorable.

  6. Sorry, I know I’m going to get hated, but, she is looking kinda nice with a little wrinkles. respect.

  7. Mojo rising

    She looks good. Might want to ease up on the hair dye though

  8. Agreed. She beautiful and adorable. It’s just the platinum hair color that is giving her that effect

    • Agreed 100%, if she changed her hair to a more honey brown/dark blonde she’d look a lot better. The platinum really washes her out. With nice natural hair she’d look adorable (she’s still really cute here anyway).

  9. Guys, I’m nearly 45. I can’t begin to tell you how fine she looks to me. That said – the dye. Too much. Hope it’s for a role.

  10. I’ve got nothing. I’d still fuck her with no rubber.

  11. I will not have some pimply-faced nerds, reeking of masturbation and despair, speak ill of Sarah. Save your bashing for the Biebers and Bynes of this world. This woman is, and will always be, the face of my teenage years. She is a Goddess and shall have the respect she deserves. She works, takes good care of her kids and still manages to look like this. Except for marrying the biggest knob-gobbler in the world, this woman is the standard for former teen idols.

  12. Sarah Michelle looks beautiful but I think she went a bit light on that hair color. She’d look better with a darker blonde. Very talented actress!

  13. EricLR

    Aunt Buffy needs you to go down to the store and pick her up a pack of Marlboros, sweetie. Here’s some money.

  14. broduh jenner

    sarah michelle i’ve seen better

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