1. JPC

    “What the fuck, Usher? I told you to wipe before I come over!”

  2. dark matter


  3. Looks like someone just went down on Catherine Zeta Jones.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Really? ANOTHER Farrah Abraham sex tape?

  5. I’m glad to see he took my suggestion to eat shit literally.

  6. Why you let usher shit & cum on your face like that?

  7. caley

    Michael Douglas: “No Biebs, you’re doing it wrong.”

  8. Justin and Selena are confused on how a dirty Sanchez works.

  9. I know he’s had a sheltered life, but how can he not know how smores work?

  10. …but after responding to the 7 year old boys challenge, Justin Bieber found that he was not in fact destined to be the king of the bouncy castle.

  11. tlmck

    Rusty trombone.

  12. I TOLD Sven not to let him eat in his car seat!

  13. sparky

    so lil bitch does eat creampie and walk around with his head up his ass

  14. Bieber, long suspected to not be a believer in beaver is in fact a belieber in Mr. Hanky. And jizz.

  15. “Oh look. Now I’m a total douche with cake on my face.”

  16. granmamasnuts

    Keyshawn slapped beebs HARD.

  17. He can’t even do blackface right.

  18. Trying too hard, as usual.

  19. I almost forgot about Santorum!

  20. Nice to see Bieber believes in integration.

  21. IAmAGuest

    Bieber/Santorum 2016!

  22. schmidtler

    This is why you don’t give Usher a rusty trombone after he’s eaten smores.

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