1. Cinderella

    I coulda sworn that was the Dunst but I’m relieved cuz I hope she never procreates.

  2. JC

    This is one of the only pics of her without her trademarked Face of Hate. That might be because she’s having a seizure, though.

  3. Opsidolala

    She just froze the water.

  4. cc

    The pregnancy endorphins have finally kicked in.

  5. Soupofdefish

    no no

  6. Jack

    “My acting is THIS big!”

  7. Come on JJ, take your crazy pills…here’s a glass of pinot to wash them down with, just like you like!

  8. Amy

    I know she’s pregnant and all, but she’s neither fat nor 80 so why the muumuu?

  9. It looks like her water just broke and the other girl is hoping to get the ice cubes for her drink.

  10. Turd Ferguson

    Jazz Hands.

  11. holymoly

    Chelsea Handler’s doctor finally figured out how to do botox

  12. Becky

    You call those “Spirit Fingers?” THESE are Spirit Fingers!…Wait, that’s not Kirsten Dunst?

  13. GeorgeWBush

    Don’t get it with these younger generation always having to throw up some lame gang signs whenever they get their pictures taken….do they really think it makes them look cool?

    • Ahh yes, the ever intimidating ” I just got a $75 manicure and I will get my publicist to blacklist you from Hollywood if you smudge my nails bitch” gang sign.

  14. Zombie fuckin’ holocaust.

  15. vlad

    “here, slide this camera up your baby chute so we can take a picture of your baby”

    “oooooo, what a fabulous idea!”

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