1. cc

    Hey, let’s go spelunking and find that thong!

  2. Cinderella

    She’s pretty but her singing gives me nightmares!

  3. not wearing panties pro:more easier to take a dump

  4. Jeebus

    Wow, when I saw the hair my first thought was that I’d somehow landed back in the 1980s.

    • MrsWrong

      She’s not black enough to be Donna Summers

      • teetee14

        shut up Mr.Wong! your a douche bag!!!!!! get a life dork

      • Blech

        And MrsWrong, you’re not attractive enough to make a judgment call here. So what if she’s not “black enough” for you? Stop hating her, she’s always been a little on the light side. I’ve met her in person.

      • MrsWrong

        Testy much? You don’t even know what I look like. And I’M assuming you look a LITTLE like your name sounds. I’m happy you have had the moment of your life but seriously, get over yourself

  5. TomFrank

    “I hear you British men are desperate for some real ass up in here!”

  6. Soupofdefish

    yum yum

  7. Chinny

    I’d smile that big too if my ass had made me that much money.

  8. I see London, I see Franc, I see Beyonce’s taint…

    I took a little poetic license.

  9. Frank Rizzo

    I can see her undersmile.

  10. i want to lick the sweat off her brown star…

  11. It had to be said

    What happens when a 36 inch skirt goes on a 42 inch ass.

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    With his bare arsed take on the Ferrero Rocher the ambassador was never seen again.

    (Making up for all the Fish and Chips jokes.)

  13. RayRay's Nubbin

    i believe i see some taint

  14. Satan's bitch

    Wow, she looks so .. sparkly, and .. sweaty, and .. ass-cheeky…!

  15. It looks like one of her backup dancers got too close and got sucked in, with a single bloody hand being all that remains.

  16. whiskeyafternoon

    she looks as though she stripped naked, rolled around in glue, and then dove headfirst into a crafts store bin.

  17. How do we know that’s really her and not another Lady GaGa disguise?

  18. holymoly

    kim kardasian doesn’t have an ass implant. news @ 11:00

  19. tlmck

    It is a little know scientific fact that if you put Beyonce, JLo, Kim Kardashian, and CoCo on the same stage, the Earth will be thrown out of it’s orbit.

    • teetee14

      @ tlmck shut ur azz up..sorry she aint got a pancake booty. her azz isn’t that big! thats a fit booty,,,,i guess u like crackhead azzez…no azz at all..smh

  20. Sin

    Ok, JLo, I see your nip slip and raise you an ass cheek.

  21. wilsjay

    Better put a c*ck ring on it.

  22. vlad


  23. MrsWrong

    My body’s too boodylicious for this dress

  24. Double D

    If you like it then you shoulda put your cock in it.

  25. Sand

    “Shit! People are finally realizing I’m a talentless twat! What can I do to bring back my ‘fame’? I know, I’ll show my ass! That works!”

  26. JMS

    Well I guess we know who landed the role of the Cowardly Lion in the remake of “The Wiz”.

  27. KC

    Listen to these mic farts, Rihanna!

  28. Doc Schweinstrudel


  29. juaquin ingles

    This chick’s a fat fuckin pig.

    • Dominique

      wow thats what you call fat you us not live in america

    • teetee14

      @ jauquin ingles..crackhead lover. ur so blind, she is not fat..get a life! Your probably fat yourself, hater! how much you make a year? fast food worker/ no moneymaking azz!. yes, i make money bitch, im a paralegal. suck a dick

    • Blech

      I guess you prefer women with the bodies of 8-year-old girls like Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley.

      Fucking pedo perve.

  30. Christine

    Give me those legs!!!1 (and butt for that matter!)

  31. I hope that mike is turned off.

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