1. neo


  2. Susan Lucci is 112 years old.

  3. DeucePickle

    take that, Brooke Shields

  4. Contusion

    At first I thought it was a pop-up ad for one of those apps that adds 20 years to your photo.

  5. Lake Inferior

    Thought it was Terry Hatcher first.

  6. Doctor_Joystick

    Christ, her face is terrifying. I just bookmarked this page for the next time I have hiccups.

  7. The Pope

    She’s a walking advertisement for scarves.

  8. Very brave of her to wear old retainers as earrings.

  9. I’m ready to go out on the town! Where’s my wingman? Donatella? Donatella Versace?

  10. neo_v

    after the death of Dick Clarke….there can be only one

  11. There is no Dana only Zuul.

  12. All My Children….are ashamed of how gross I look and how inappropriately I dress.

  13. joho777

    First it smiles, then it attacks!

  14. Bonky

    If you pull the camera back 10 or 20 feet and shoot it again, she is really quite attractive.

  15. The Brown Streak

    She had a wonderful mother’s day this year. All the robots gave her such lovely gifts.

  16. … and I’ve been turned into a frog. Thanks, Susan Lucci.

  17. Blech

    Committing adultery earns one a scarlet A…

    What does a blue V on the forehead mean?

  18. Sad as it sounds….. I’d still bang her.

  19. cc

    If you tied a big knot in her skin, right in the middle of her back, she’d look alright.

  20. Pierce Bronzetan

    A woman goes to the plastic surgeon and says she only has $200 for a face lift. He puts a handle on the back of her head and says every time she feels a little loose, to give it a crank. A bit overzealous, she does this every few days instead of months, and then goes to him a half year later to complain about a new development. “Doctor, it’s going fine, but with one strange side effect… a goatee has started to grow on my chin!”. He looks closely, checks the handle, then proclaims, “That’s not a goatee, that’s your pussy.”

  21. tlmck

    I guess silicone does last forever.

  22. me

    OMG someone just sun fried Fran Fine!!

  23. EricLr

    I bet that’s what serial killers see just before they die.

  24. [img][/img]

  25. journalschism

    When I was running up my parents’ phone bill in the 80s on the Phyllis Diller Joke Line, I had no idea she’d look this hot!

  26. She really is still a nice looking woman, and I’ll bet she can suck a clogged drain clean.

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