1. neo

    crypt keeper has stlyz wit a z

  2. Early'sDrunkenArmy

    Damnit where is He-Man and that cat when you need them.

  3. Is it normal to have 37 tendons holding your head on?

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    I don’t know what bothers me more… the face, the neck, or the ugly pants that probably cost more than I earned last month.

  5. theoriginal LJ

    I take it this was just before her audition for AMCs “The Walking Dead”?

  6. Mickey01232000

    Now we know what happened to the Crypt Keeper.

  7. Lake Inferior

    My grandpas warned me about aliens taking human form.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Tendons are IN!

  9. Taylor

    Dr. Zaius, lookin’ good.

  10. If I was a weird cannibal murderer, I wouldn’t kill her because I bet she is all tough and gristly. So that’s one threat she doesn’t have to worry about. Oh and boners. She doesn’t have to worry about boners either.

  11. Forgive her for looking so terrible. She broke all the mirrors in her house a looooong time ago.

  12. Are there any theories floating around that Gianni Versace faked his murder 15 years ago and has been living as his sister ever since? Because I’m suddenly inspired to launch those rumors.

  13. Colin

    Last scene of the Game of Thrones finale

  14. catapostrophe

    Mick Jagger looks ridiculous as a blonde.

  15. neo_v

    feel the powa of the dark ssside of the force….

  16. Madonna’s DNA has escaped! Get a scrub team in there STAT!

  17. elle

    And now you know what would happen if a blonde horse and Mick Jagger had a baby. Donatella! Ta da! Give her a sugar cube.

  18. The Brown Streak

    I would have the ability to destroy her but I keep getting Error 37 on my server.

  19. You sure that isn’t Peanut? Get Jeff Dunham in here to verify…

  20. Archibald Bortion

    Mickey Rourke is going to be on the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

  21. oldfool

    If you pinch her lips, would her neck bullfrog?

  22. Jonesy

    What THE FUCK is that?

  23. Take a good look, Lohan! This is you in about – wait. Never mind.
    Damn, this “Scared straight” stuff never works!

  24. Ah yes… what a classic beauty.

  25. jeffiner

    Nice to see that Aguilera has finally lost that baby weight.

  26. Blech

    She should pose for Playboy.

  27. cc

    What the hell, no harm in planning early for Hallowe’en.

  28. Pierce Bronzetan

    Don’t EVER post a picture of her again. We’re people you know… real people with real emotions… and sometimes things scare us…

  29. egg solo

    Was she mummified with a glass pane smashed against her face?

  30. Urvag

    You know it’s bad when your face looks like Tara Reid’s stomach.

  31. I thought it was the white house crasher Journey groupie in the thumbnail

  32. Bionic_Crouton

    The Walking Dead meets Real Housewives.

  33. Frank The Duck

    You would think that a famous fashion house would be able to come up with a stylish bag to put over her head….

  34. “Hello, beautiful people…has Janice Dickinson arrived yet?”

  35. mbcl

    Madonna in 6 months.

  36. EricLr

    I think they left the scaffolding in on that last face lift.

  37. Namor

    As a Prince of the blood, I would rather fuck the ninja turtle.

  38. BaccusVD

    Mens fashion week indeed…..

  39. superdouche

    And not enough fashion sense to wear a damn scarf

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