1. GeorgeWBush

    She’s probably thinking its been a long time since she got pumped

  2. FanGirl


  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Kim Kardashian could give her pointers on handling those.

  4. That gas nozzle was pointing straight up until she came along.

  5. ” *sigh* I miss Alex…”

  6. broduh jenner

    as she got totally meta cameron sighed, “yes, my career too is out of gas.”

  7. Frank Burns

    “Why don’t they put condoms on these things?”

  8. Not even penicillin will fix that massive drip.

  9. Odious_One

    ” I sucked on it , and it didn’t get any bigger , just like Derek!”

  10. doood

    martha stewart needs to cheer up. after all, people still buy her crappy merchandise

  11. The Brown Streak

    Welp…there goes $10 right there.

  12. mamamiasweetpeaches

    why does she look like an old drunk lady ?
    and where are her twelve cats??

  13. Jonesy

    GAS FIGHT!!!

  14. Joe

    Justin Timberlake: “Whoa, deja vu”

  15. cc

    A well-placed cigarette butt could make that interesting.

  16. New high tech dildo, you know where to put it & pump!

  17. tlmck

    “Now which hole does this go into again?”

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    “This water tastes funny…”

  19. These days Cameron has to pump a lot longer before the liquid comes out. And when it does, it comes much more weakly. Perhaps it would help if the object of her attention visualized Jessica Biel in a bikini.

  20. “Let’s see if I remember this…put some weed into the hole here, then light a match and…”

  21. EricLr

    Yes, it’s confusing for all of us sweetie. Just use it like your assistant did back when you could still afford an assistant.

  22. HollyK

    Is that….Hair gel?

  23. King

    Some washed up sex symbols just want to watch the world burn…

  24. blonde


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