1. Johnny P!

    Woman: “We’ve got some lovely cakes for you, and I’ve sampled ‘em all to make sure they’re safe!”
    Charles: ***cough! (fat commoner) cough!***
    Army lads: “Haw! Haw! Haw!”

  2. Crabby Old Guy

    Meanwhile, in Germany, there’s a collective thought bubble: “How the fuck did we lose TWO wars to those pansies?”

  3. Ah! Benny Hill in drag, always a laugh riot!

  4. Contusion

    And then I blow on the foam ball and, voila, it comes out of my pocket! Take that David Blaine!

  5. catapostrophe

    After its fingers finally exploded, an embarrassed Prince Charles quickly hid the remainder of his left hand in his jacket pocket.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The RAF’s just making a show of itself now

  7. Odious_One

    “I often fart in the Rolls, and lock the windows while I don a gas mask!!!!!”

  8. Bonky

    This is all that English Royalty really does. Its like the Kardashians, but with a much longer lineage.

  9. popwilleatitself

    When did Casey Affleck join the British army?

  10. cc

    I say, that fart smelt had a whiff of black pudding.

  11. chicagoan312

    In every photo, there’s a fat chick whose chins say it all.

  12. “he he he, I killed Diana and all I got were these cupcakes.”

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    “Oh my! the peasants ARE revolting!”

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    “The big ones do smell something awful… Off with MY head”

  15. “This silly twat asked if I’d like some spotted dick and I told her ‘it’s a little too late for that’…Hahahahaha…”

  16. “But Your Royal Highness, what exactly IS a short-arm inspection…???”

  17. IndySteel

    …and then I gave Dianna the shocker!

  18. EricLr

    And so this child, this little boy comes up to me and calls me “Charlie.” Everyone laughed and laughed. What a cute kid. And then I had him thrown in the Tower for insubordination, of course.

  19. Is this Prince Charles’ cameo in the Ricky Gervais version of The Klumps?

  20. PandaThunder

    Damn, I hate to admit it but the Yank miltary always look double hard when they get papped. Whereas Wild Geese there look like they just second place in the Hastings Traditional Jack-in-the-Green Morris Dancing Festival.

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