1. neo


  2. Contusion

    The sort of cute girl from down at Orange Julius got knocked up.

  3. Speaking of Gene Siskel, I see Roger Ebert is ailing as a result of surgeries that removed most of his lower jaw. Who could we get to donate some of theirs to help him out? Someone with excessive chin. Any ideas?

  4. joho777

    Doesn’t it hurt when you strap your little titties way up like that?

  5. Buttman

    Chin Chinnery, Chin Chinnery Chin, Chin Charoo! You chin with me and I’ll chin with you!

  6. Pierce Bronzetan

    “… and of course, I’m just itCHIN to get this evening started…”

  7. Hey Reese, can you open this can of Hawaiian Punch for me?

  8. Oz Matters

    An Evening with Reese Witherspoon recommends the first three rows duck when Reese looks in your direction.

  9. EricLr

    It’s like that evening with Reese you pictured in her head–only instead of marathon sex with a 20-something Reese, you get to listen to the vacuous ramblings of a 36-year-old Reese for 2 hours.

  10. Unclemeat

    Finally; now she has a body part that protrudes further than her chin!

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