1. “Like Vanilla Ice and Justin Bieber before me, in my masterpiece “Spring Breakers” I think I really captured the wigger vibe perfectly.”

    “Me love you long time.”

  2. “Play it cool, Franco. She’s going to ask you about all your brilliant unconventional artwork.”
    “I loved you in Spider-man!”

  3. EricLR

    Is she his date, or his hostage?

  4. Batu Khan

    Hmm, would I french kiss an Italian waiter with a mime juggling ducks in the background to prove I’m a serious artist?… What kind of ducks is he juggling?

  5. anonymous

    Emi: “So do you still bang Japanese anime pillows?”

  6. James knows from many years of National Geographic, that if he makes eye contact with the unwed Asian female, her family will consider them engaged and he will be forced to purchase her.

  7. Why does my computer always smell like someone’s armpit after attending a Phish concert every time you post a picture of James Franco? Is there some sort of proprietary smell-o-rama technology The Superficial is employing, or is it just a placebo effect?

  8. Art Crow

    He’s with her, but thinking about George.

  9. tlmck

    I wonder if she is the new Sulu?

  10. jojo

    that’s your own arousal releasing hrmones, you love James Franco…..

  11. “You all may think it’s clever, humorous, and all fun and games, but it turn out their vaginas really are sideways…”

  12. does franco know she has a cookbook out and its entitled “how to cook and serve ears”?

  13. “Mr Franco is such an artistic genius! I wonder what he’s thinking right now!”

    (thinking) “I wonder if I can find a Taco Bell in Milan?

  14. “So, what have you been up to since Freaks and Geeks?”

  15. TrannyLover

    Oh the thai ladyboy. Been there, done that.

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