1. Tiger looks weird with his head shaved.

  2. She just realize there was a camera and she didn’t have her kid with her.

  3. EricLR

    Yes, it’s always surprising when someone wants to take your picture at a movie premiere.

  4. She’s still pretty hot.

  5. wow she looks fabulous

  6. Look out Angela! The Praetorians are going to get you!

  7. Ken

    I hope I look that good when I’m nearly 50, ’cause she…. Um, just a sec…
    *checks driver’s license*

  8. “I’m really divorced?”

  9. Dear Lord, I really hope she stops with the plastic surgery right here. Seriously, Sandy… don’t fuck it up. Don’t. Fuck. It. UP!

    I love how I wrote that as though I have a chance with her or something. Damn it, Internet! You’ve ruined my brain!!

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